Escapade Event Bars & Consultancy Services came together for a stunning winter showcase event recently. Grantley Hall, a new luxury hotel development in Yorkshire is set to open in the spring of 2019. The rich and historic venue was showcased to local media, potential guests, suppliers and influencers with a warm welcome from us too!

We’ve been working together with Grantley Hall to bring their design and vision for a truly unique and sublime hotel to life. Our expert consultants utilise over three decades of industry experience stretching from boutique city centre restaurants and bars to the towering heights of “the world’s only 7* hotel” The Burj Al Arab in Dubai. Our project lead consultant, Dan Purnell was the hotel’s Beverage Manager for many years allowing him a unique insight into high-end service and luxury hotel clientele. Bringing those skills back to the UK and embedding them in the ethos of Escapade means whether it’s events, bar consultancy, restaurant or hotel expertise, the emphasis is always on delivering memorable experiences through experience, professionalism and industry knowledge.

Grantley Hall is currently drawing on our unique skills of bar design, menu design, product exploration, guest journey analysis, flow design of service spaces, unique beverage solutions and much more. It’s been an amazing journey, watching the restoration project and being hands-on in developing the most sublime space that flows for both guest and hotel staff.

We were excited to host their show case event with our bar team last month and are proud to be a partnering consultant on this project. With chilled champagne, local gins and smoking cocktails – it was a night to indulge the senses and spark some buzz about what promises to be a truly special venue.

Grantley Hall’s event space, cutting edge spa facility, multiple bars and restaurants are set to breathe new life into this historical hall, creating a new chapter to add to the already rich heritage.

Photos courtesy of: Grantley Hall